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About The Creators of The EyePOD

Hot Ideas Magic Inc., a R&D company in Orlando Florida, specializes in creating unique mass consumer products, patenting them and aggressively distributing them via “all venue marketing” through Mass Retailers and the Internet at low cost attractive prices. Over the last few years, led by Dr. Charles R. Courtenay (Dr. Chuck), its prolific Super Scientist CEO, Hot Ideas Magic Inc. has built an portfolio of more than 50 distinctive breakthrough products. All have been engineered via Cad/Cam renderings in concert with development of and relentless refining of working prototypes.

Twenty six People Pleasing Products are in actual use in Beta stage development. One of those global products is The Extraordinarily Satisfying and Pocketbook Pleasing 8 function EyePOD for the Ultimate everyday Efficiency in using Contact Lenses & Eye Drops. It is widely recommended by nationally known Eye Doctors. EyePodMagic.com, the website, solidly dominates Google.   It is "The Perfect Package of Price and Performance".

A Pocket Treasure for Your Permanent Eye Pleasure. An Engineered Marvel of 8 multiple Miniaturized Eye Care functionalities enveloped in 1 quite clever petite device at a pocket / purse portable pleasing payback bargain price to be sure. Anyone not having an EyePOD is needlessly wasting a goodly amount of money and time. That's a shame.

Every family should have the EyePOD , if not for its safe insertion & removal or Hard or Soft contact lens, then for eye drop savings it affords, the EyePOD Kit's functions are priceless. Whether Contact lenses for Tweens and Twenties or Eye Drops for the elderly, the people pleasing EyePOD has unmatchable every day Benefits that don't stop.

The genesis of all Hot Ideas's products have been some aggravation that ordinary people have to regularly deal with in their lives but have no way to overcome. The corporate driving force objective is to create that 'Better Way'. The leading criteria is that the Inventions must be unique, transformative and have an obvious strong Global potential of dominating the Lions’s share of the product’s Value-Life-Cycle. The company is not interested in ‘me too’ products. Just Originals. The Company’s focus is well summed up In the statement: : “Life Enhancing Products that make Life Easier for Everybody by Enriching Everyday Life”, then we deliver those products at attractive competitive prices.

The many low cost, innovative, people pleasing, exclusive mass consumer global products in the company's robust pipeline easily accommodates the Corporate Goal of Going Public (IPO).

JOBS: We are always looking for excellent managerial talent at all levels including VP of Operations -- Send Resumes to: CEO@HotIdeasMagic.com.

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work!”

Hot Ideas Magic proudly enjoys an A+ BBB rating and Certified Eco- Green Company that dedicatedly gives part of its profits to deserving Charities like the Shriners Hospitals, Wounded Warriors, and several other worthy Charities.

Hot Ideas Magic is the proud Winner of several Awards for Science and Innovation. It is 100% dedicated to making all peoples lives better. Hot Ideas dedicatedly gives part of its profits to deserving Charities like the Shriners Hospitals, Wounded Warriors, and several other worthy Charities.

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