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John Tillman, CEO

Lens*Master comes in tEye*PODmagic Eye Care 8-Function kit

We have just received the Family Review Center's "SEAL of Approval" and GOLD (Best of 2012 & 2013) Awards.
Family Review Center 2013 Seal Of Approval Award Winner Family Review Center 2013 Gold Award Winner

EPM 1st P{lace Blue Ribbon It is our honor to receive these Prestigious Awards and to be recommended by so many
Esteemed Media Organizations and Nationally recognized Ophthalmologists.
The EyePOD™ truly pleases so many people:                  
"The many people pleasing premium consumer Amenities
incorporated into the elegant Eye POD Ensemble brings

Eye Care & Contact Lens Care into the Modern Age with
purposeful flair."
      It is a product whose time has come.
When you have a solid WINNER, it is Undeniable, Evident, &
Stands Out to one and all.   Top 'OPRAH PICK' I'd say!
You will love the EyePOD. The whole World will.

For all Eye Care Products, even eye droppers, eye wear products, eye trauma,
eye emergencies, for Pink eye, Computer eye strain, Blinking disorders, foreign particles in the eye,
any and all Eye Medications delivery, the EyePOD is 1st Choice Best Choice. It is compliant
with all ANSI and OSHA Eye Care and Emergency Eye Care standards. An absolute must for
camping gear and for Airplane, Auto and Train Travel comfort, safety & convenience.

We just learned that as partnering with the National Academy of Sports Medicine , the EyePOD Eye Care Kit has just became the Official Voluntear PREMIUM SUPPLIER as the Eye Product of Choice for the Orlando Magic Basketball team. The EyePOD doesn't dribble, but it is a Baskeball STAR! Who knew!

News Release: Entertainment : The EyePOD Kit has just been volunteared to be the Official Contact Lens device for the unique performers of the world famous traveling Cirque du Soleil show. It's an obvious fit.
'Blue Men' take note.

People who use Eye Medications for any of the many eye diseases are well advised to
use the efficacious EyePOD to save serious money and for double easy convenience.
And Ladies, it won't mess up your eye makeup. All Good.

Please see Videos on Instruction pg. and Home pg.

The Uplifting Urgent VALUE to YOU is Clear! Exciting? Absolutely! There is nothing in the World like it.
Unlimited INSTANT GRATIFICATION for Yoou!     Double Easy!!    Order Now to Make your life Better!