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The "Forever Finger~Free" Eye POD for Contact Lenses

You owe it to yourself!

If you're a contact lens wearer - or if you've thought about wearing contact lenses but can't stand the thought of touching your eyeball - then you're going to want to pay close attention. The EyePOD is the ONLY contact lens aid that allows you to put in and remove your contact lenses FINGER FREE! FOREVER.

That's right! with EyePOD there will be no more...

  • NO MORE touching your eye balls (which is unsanitary and just feels ICKY!)
  • NO MORE bending over backwards (literally!) to put in your contact lenses
  • NO MORE balancing your contact lenses on your fingertips
  • NO MORE cursing when your contact lens falls off of your finger
  • NO MORE wondering if you put your contact lenses in right

EyePOD is SAFE and EASY to use. In fact, it's so easy that a 9-year old can do it! There is no other contact lens aid out there that will allow you to put in and remove your contact lenses with such EASE, such SPEED, and such SAFETY!

EyePodMagic eyeDon't just take our word for it, though. Read these comments from actual EyePOD customers:

"The directions are perfect, I had no problems inserting or removing my contacts" - Elaine H., Orlando, FL
"I got the EyePOD for my mother. She loves it. That is a really great product you have there." - Jeweler, W.P.
"I genuinely love how it’s easy on my eyes. I liked the detailed information in the instructions!" - E.S.
"This idea to me is pleasant. I completely just love it, it makes using contacts second nature." - T.P.

"Evening Gowns and Glasses just don't go well together. (Party Goers take note!) Contacts and EyePOD go incredibly well together!"

As you can see, our customers absolutely LOVE the EyePOD and we GUARANTEE that you will too! We have sold THOUSANDS of our amazing EyePOD and have NEVER had a customer return it or ask for a refund. Not even once. How many companies can honestly say that about their products?

Did you know that the average person touches over 300 different dirty surfaces in any given 30 minute period? Every time you touch something, any germs or bacteria present get transferred to your hands. Even if you wash your hands regularly, germs and bacteria can still lurk in hard to get places like under your fingernails. The EyePOD is the ONLY safe, sanitary way to put in and remove your contact lenses. The anti-microbial agents in the EyePOD eliminate the risk of germs and bacteria getting into your eyes. REMEMBER: NEVER stick your fingers in or near your eyes. The doctor recommended EyePOD is the ONLY way to put in and remove your contact lenses QUICKLY, SAFELY, and HYGIENICALLY.

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