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The EyePOD is the quickest & best fix for Treating eyePodMagic eye Dry Eyes

It gives you the Instant Rapturous Relief of Pleasurized Wetness.

Health UPDATE: OTC & Medicated EYE DROPS are the obvious quick remedy for DRY EYES and a # of other eye maladies. There is a new Doctor recommended Eye Drop INVENTION that makes using Eye Drops (& Contacts too) for any reason a whole lot Easier - Safer - and far less expensive.

You owe it to yourself!
Here’s everything you need to know about Thirsty Eyes.


If you answer YES to 2 or more conditions on the following list, you likely
have some degree of DRY EYES:


New Phenom: Computer Tired dry eyes Make you feel tired. Doctors Recommend you WET your eyes once an hour when using a Computer because our normal Blinking is reduced by 60% when staring at a computer screen. A/C & fans make it worse. The easiest, fastest and most economical way is to put 2 or 3 Eye Drops in the Eye-POD (any Brand you like) and wetting Both eyes with it as well as a couple of gentle compressions to invigorate your eye circulation. That will prevent computer tired dry eyes and that tired feeling. Gives INSTANT RELIEF for DRY EYES from any cause. Likewise helps with Phone & Tablet screen eye fatigue. Sure to help any time your eyes feel dry or tired.

Common CAUSES of Dry Eyes:In addition to computer staring include eyestrain, A/C, Diabetes, pregnancy, excess alcohol, pot & Cigarette smoking, fatigue, various diseases, Lasik surgery, arid air plane trips, many medications: high blood pressure Meds, antihistamines psychotic drugs, etc., Chemo/radiation therapy, 2nd hand smoke, menopause. Additional Temporary causes are lengthy exposure to  sun,  wind,  Military duty in hot dry desert climates, and long political speeches.

TREATMENT: The easiest, fastest and most economical way is putting 2 or 3 Eye Drops (any Brand you like) in the Eye POD, wetting Both eyes with it as well as a couple of gentle compressions to invigorate your eye circulation. That will prevent computer tired dry eyes. Though no known cure exists for Dry Eyes, it is easily managed and inexpensively self treatable by simply using the popular Eye POD, the Crown Jewel of Eye Care. It gives pleasurable instant Relief of symptoms as often as needed using your favorite OTC or Prescription lubricant Eye Drops. The versatile Eye POD, a true Treasure of visual Pleasure, is the people’s Choice for the BEST ECONOMICAL ANSWER available as it is very Easy to use, Inexpensive, Pocket Portable and can deliver 1 precise single Eye Drop at a time (all an eye can hold). Stops forever wasting 6 or 7 drops (real money running down your cheeks) for every 1 drop that gets in your eye. It puts cash in your wallet with the big savings, especially for those using hi-priced eye drop meds needed for glaucoma, cataracts & allergies. The great thing is you NEVER have to bend over backwards to use it. It could not be easier.

VALUABLE TIPS: 2 new Sites, Adverse Event and strong>Clarimed give you a Free list of Side Effects caused by ANY medication Brands! Meds for Dry Eyes, Headaches to Chemotherapy, etc. extracted Straight from FDA data. Some of the reports are shocking, ranging from itching, aches, & dizziness to high rates of fatal Heart attacks. Such reliable info was almost impossible to find before. No doctor could remember it all. Importantly it tells you the volume and % of people so afflicted. You can compare Brands of meds you use to see which one gives the least amount of unwanted side effects as well as to be knowledgeable of what to expect when taking a certain medication.

Another Unique feature of the EyePOD Kit is the special soft rubber INSERTER tip that allows CONTACTS to be Put in Finger-Free, a crucial necessity to prevent virulent finger-germs like flesh eating MRSA Staph & Herpes, etc. from infecting your eyes. These nasty new incurable germs these days are much more wide spread, more infectious/contagious than just 10yrs ago. The EyePOD is the kind of globally useful Inventions that made America the World leader in Innovation.

Actually, Ophthalmologists Recommend the protective EyePOD as it is the ONLY Practical way to remedy Dry Eyes, (or Any other condition requiring eye drops) whether systemically caused or newly caused by the artificial staring at computers for hours. The money saving EyePOD holds 1 drop in the center chamber of the Device by simple Surface Tension. It will not run out no matter how you hold it - even upside down (defies Gravity). Being anatomically Eye-Shaped, it self-centers over your eye. Just bring it close to your eye, while looking through the Tunnel-of-Light, rest it on your eyelids and that single drop will jump onto the Exact Center of your eye due to the stronger Liquid to Liquid Affinity. The eye drop then spreads out 360o to surface saturate your eye beautifully and always soothingly & pleasurably. It is a Fast Easy Pleasurable personal eye care remedy that empowers you to care for your eyes without assistance or unnecessary expensive doctor visits for Dry Eye Treatments. Smart. A WSJ story pointed out that 77 million Baby Boomers are entering their sixties, where many age related Eye problems start to increase significantly. Imagine.

The EyePOD instantly saves you money - for ever more - because it delivers 1 single drop at a time instead of wasting 6 or 7 drops with the old fashioned method of having to raise your head and bend over backward to aim and squeeze in eye drops (sometimes painful and/or risky). It eliminates the need to find a mattress to lie down on, and/or eliminates your dependence on others to put the drops in for you. Those old time wasting bend over ways resulted in an awful waste of 6 or 7 very expensive drops running down your cheeks doing nothing for you except making your wallet thinner. In fact it makes 1 bottle of eye liquids last as long as 6 to 8 Bottles, about a year. It’s Money in your pocket instead of somebody else’s! The ease-of-use and no-pain dramatically increases use compliance by the elderly with their vital eye liquid meds. In fact it increases the Effectiveness of their medications because it can hold the liquid on the eye surface long enough to do its job (dwell time) preventing it from being blinked away & wasted. It is a major Advance in Superior Eye Care at a very low cost.

FACTOIDS: When rested, you normally Blink at a speed rate of 300 miliseconds; when tired, it slows to 100 to 150, adding to dry eyes since normal Blinking clears the dust particles and continually washes and coats the eye surface with that complex stratified 3 layered liquid called Tears.

The EyePOD also FLUSHES OUT irritating particles & liquids that get into the eye. It can even be done without removing Contact Lenses. Put about 3 drops in the center Chambers; bring it to the eye and with gentle pressure, wiggle and pump it a bit and the irritant is washed out in 1 or 2 tries. Mostly the first try. No need for the time wasting aggravation of having to stop, find a bathroom basin, wash your hands, remove the offending lens, wash it, relube it and reinsert it, dry your hands, etc., etc. A really big time saving convenience! It holds eye compresses on eyes. There are so many important Safety and handy uses, every household should get and routinely use the EyePOD and always carry 1 with them.

Dry Eyes untreated is serious and can rapidly lead to recurring infections and permanent vision loss so It must be dealt with intelligently. Using the EyePOD is the BEST, easiest, most cost effective Way to put in eye drops. It is not a scary problem if you wet & lubricate your eyes As Needed but is absolutely vital to do so. One can also put in 2 or 3 drops in the chambers and use it for a refreshing Liquid Eye Massage. In the overall population over 75 million people suffer from moderate to severe Dry Eyes. Ophthalmologists report that 100% (not 90%) of the approximately 50 Million geriatric 80 to 90 year olds have Dry Eyes. The fact is we just tend to ‘dry up’ as we get older. Therefore 100% of those 50 Million Geriatrics absolutely seriously need the EyePOD . Ocular vitamin formulations do not cure Dry Eyes. The EyePOD is the ONLY sensible WAY to relieve Dry Eyes fast & easy as needed. Nothing else comes close at any price. We are lucky to find this wonderful empowering new device.

Medicare & Medicaid Health Services will surely fast track the The EyePOD Kit as the superior cost effective method of preventive and remedial eye care. No Other device is capable of doing so many eye care functions or at so low a cost. Many folks don’t even realize they have this insidious malady. Do your part to alert your elderly family members & friends about this very simple but important healthy Dry Eyes remedy. Email, Text or phone them and let them know. TRY-it. It’s a FREE Trial-with a 100% Guarantee. Order the $$$ Saving EyePOD Kit Direct from the our our website.

      EyePOD Eye Drop EZ process
The EyePOD is the Best & Only easy Remedy Available for Any & All Eye Drop therapy needs.
Extraordinarily Satisfying and Pocketbook Pleasing.
All Stores in the Top-10 Dry-Eye cities should sell EPs.
  • Pleasurable Instant Relief of Dry Eyes! Precious Premium Eye care Like nothing you ever tried before! The EyePOD is a Treasure for Dry Eyes.
  • You Will Save a Lot of money on All types of Eye drops. You Will Enjoy the Soothing Luscious Loveliness of Liquid Eye Massages. Pleasure? Yes!
  • Contact Lenses made very easy to use, safer and at less cost. All Good!
  • NO MORE excess eye drops running down your face causing a Makeup Mess .

The EyePOD is the Best & Only easy Remedy Available for Any & All Eye Drop therapy needs. It delivers 1 Precise Drop to refreshingly saturate your eye with no bending over. Rewarding!Extraordinarily Satisfying and Pocketbook Pleasing. All Stores in the Top-10 Dry-Eye cities should sell EPs.

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