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The EyePOD is THE SUPERIOR WAY to Apply Eye Drops

You owe it to yourself!
EyePodMagic eye
Do you have an eye condition that requires you to use eye drops? Do you suffer from
dry eyes? If you answered YES to either of these question, then you will want to pay
CLOSE ATTENTION to what I am about to say: the EyePOD is going to change
the way you think about using eye drops FOREVER!

That's right! When you use the Eye POD to apply Eye Drops there will be no more...

  • NO MORE bending over backwards (literally!) to apply eye drops
  • NO MORE wasting of costly prescription and OTC eye drops
  • NO MORE prying your eyes open and hoping the eye drop hits your eye before you blink
  • NO MORE messy excess eye drops running down your face

The Eye POD is the SAFE, EASY way to use eye drops. In fact, it's so easy that a 9-year old can do it! There is no other eye drop aid out there that will allow you to apply eye drops with such EASE, such SPEED, and such SAFETY!

Don’t just take our word for it though – watch the video and see for yourself just how EASY it is to apply eye drops with the revolutionary new EyePOD .
  • NO WASTE - the EyePOD puts a single eye drop directly on to your eye. NO wasted drops = NO WASTED MONEY!
  • NO MESS - because the EyePOD only dispenses a single eye drop, you'll NEVER have to deal with excess eye drops missing the mark and running down your face! Won't mess up your makeup.
  • NO HASSLE - no more uncomfortable contorting and tipping youur head waaaaaaay back to put in your eye drops. The EyePOD DEFIES GRAVITY and lets you put in your eye drops from an upright sitting or standing position.
The better life style urgent VALUE to you is Clear ... And easy to get.
Unlimited INSTANT GRATIFICATION for Yoou!     Double Easy!!    Order Now to Make your life Better!