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How To Use Your EyePodMagic eye EyePOD

You owe it to yourself!
The EyePOD is used 3 distinct ways:

  1. New Age $$$ Saving 1 DROP PRECISION new kind of Anatomic eye shaped EYE DROPPER:
    Eye Drop Instructions - step 1 To deliver precise amounts of Medications or Eye Drop(s) - quick & easy - NO bending over necessary - Instill med or eye-drop(s) as shown and hold by handle to bring to your eye. Don't worry, the liquid will not spill out. Pull the lower lid down with the bottom edge and roll the dropper until it touches your upper lid. It never touches the eyeball per se, just your eyelids. Watch the video, especially if you have long eye lashes. Press lightly on your EyePOD and the eye drop will "magically" JUMP onto your eye and wet it:
    Eye Drop Instructions - step 2
    Amount*-Use For-Comment
    1 drop -Dry Eyes-Look thru the Tunnel-of-Light (hole in the center of its Anatomic eye shape) to put that 1 drop on the Exact center of the eye every time which then radiates out 360 degrees to surface saturate the eye (the eye can only hold 1 drop).
    1 drop -Medication-Typical dosage is 1 drop but follow medical directions
    2 drops -Re-Centering-Float off-center lenses to safely & painlessly re-center when the inevitable happens
    3 drops -Refreshing-Pulsating it over your open or closed tired eyes
    5 drops -Removal-Follow the instructions below to EZ-REMOVE Lenses in a pico second
    Every Computer User in the world should have an Eye POD handy to instantly rewet Dry Eyes while thoroughly enjoying the added pleasure of a refreshing Massage sensation. When your eyes perk up, your whole body Perks Up. Inexpensive Saline Solution is typically just as effective as more expensive solutions.
  2. To INSERT hard or soft CONTACT lenses using the BLUE RUBBER Lens Magic EZ-INSERTER:

    insertion Instructions

  3. To REMOVE hard or soft CONTACT lenses using Pump&Dump™ (A Pulsation Sensation):
    Removal Instructions
VIDEO: How To Put In Contacts

VIDEO: How To Put Eye Drops In Your Eyes

REMEMBER: You should NEVER use your bare fingers to put contact lenses in your eyes. Not only is it UNSANITARY, but with the EyeEye POD, it's also UNNECESSARY!

The Eye POD is the ONLY optical aid on the market that will let you put in and remove contact lenses and put in eye drops EASILY, HYGIENICALLY, QUICKLY, and SAFELY!

But how, you may ask, does one get the contact from its container onto the eyepod - do you use your finger for this?

The answer is that currently one slides the Soft or Hard Contact Lens out of the Lens Case onto the wetted surface of the EP Inserter. Put one drop wetting solution in the center of the lens (to help stabilize it and makes it easier to center on the EP Inserter). A cut off flared end straw works best to center a soft contact because of its minimal contact area with the Contact Vs fingers to which contacts want to stick. Hard contacts are much easier to center and almost automatically often center themselves in the center of the Inserter.

An even better solution, a specialty lens-case, has been designed and will be introduced as a accessory product soon, so stay tuned.

We offer these articles & money saving tips without endorsement. Consult your own eye doctor about protecting your eyes using proper disinfecting procedures. With the EyePOD, the hassle of removing your contacts is gone, making it far easier to regularly disinfect your lenses. Peroxide Based or Multi-Purpose Disinfectant?, The need to be Careful. We point out that the EyePOD is manufactured with BPA-Free, AntiMicrobial agents throughout but still should be cleaned regularly. The least expensive drop to use with the EyePOD is standard Saline Solution. Nothing more expensive is needed but Dr.Chuck admits to sometimes using a wetting solution that contains a lubricant after faithfully disinfecting his porous soft-lenses. Did you know that those expensive but pocket portable Visine (like) Eye Drop containers can be refilled with Saline solution by removing the tip? The mini Eye-Drops that come with the EyePOD are similarly refillable.

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