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With pleasure we announce upgraded, more effective and more gentle soft rubber EZ-Inserter tip and a new, superior method to EZ-Remove hard or soft contacts without an invasive rubber tip. Together these improvements replace the now obsolete double-ended lens adapter. They are beyond marvelous. The new insertion tip still does Both Soft or Hard lenses but more effectively than ever and with new super comfortable smooth round edges you will love. Night & Day difference! We wouldn't even consider using the old adaptor for either insertion or removal - Improvements are that much better. All EyePOD Eye Care Kits ordered come with the upgraded adaptor & instructions of course, and we offer a bargain upgrade kit to all previous purchasers (see below).

Our eyes are one of the most overlooked - yet precious and vital - parts of our bodies. Without them, how would we see and observe the world around us? There is an old proverb that says, "the eyes are the windows to the soul". Keep YOUR eyes beautiful, vibrant and healthy. Eliminate using your fingers to put in and remove Contact lenses - really Easily AND apply Eye Drops FINGER~FREE FOREVER with NO WAStE and NO MESS! The EyePOD is the ONLY optical aid that lets you Put In and Remove contact lenses AND apply Eye Drops FOREVER FINGER FREE with NO tedious and Unsanitary Fingers necessary. And Apply Eye Drops with NO WASTE and NO MESS!   It's the Real Deal!


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The 8 Function EyePOD Eye Care Kit is the ONLY optical aid that lets you Put In & Remove Contact lenses -- Easy In & Easy Out ! -- Finger Free & Germ Free -- in a Jiffy! NO Mirrors needed. The ever present Tunnel of Light™ eliminated the need for Mirrors! =Freedom! YES! AND it applies a single precise Eye Drop TOO. Saving big money; with NO WASTE, NO MESS and No bending over!
                              And 6 more Wonderful Eye Care functions/benefits.
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BE PREPARED > ORDER A SPARE! You wouldn't drive your car without a Spare and your Eyes are even More important. Keep one EyePOD at Home/Office and carry one with you in your pocket/purse, etc...   Order one EyePOD for just $1495 and get a 2nd one for only $699!
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Non-USA orders must be for a minimum of 2 EyePODs.
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THROW AWAY your old double sided adaptor & suction cup, our REPLACEMENT Lens Magic EZ-INSERTER is dramatically better. We'll send you our new, improved, extended length EZ-INSERTER and vital new Instructions telling you how to EZ-REMOVE both Hard & Soft Contacts without a tip, for only $499 plus reduced S&H within USA of $125. It only works with the EyePOD you previously purchased.
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Take the HASSLEs out of Contact lenses and Eye Drops. The EyePOD is the 1 and ONLY optical aid that lets you Put in & Remove Contacts FINGER FREE/Germ Free in 1 second! Even FLUSHES OUT particles with Contacts in place! Also Puts in Single Eye Drops COMFORTABLY, SAFELY with Never the need to bend over backwards. 8 Amazing functions!

OUR IRON CLAD GUARANTEE: We're so sure that you're going to LOVE your new EyePOD that we're making this GUARANTEE - use your EyePOD for 30 days and if you aren't COMPLETELY satisfied, we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You have NOTHING TO LOSE and better eye health to gain!

The full Eye*Pod Kit

If you have not already watched, please see Videos on: Instruction pg. and Home pg.


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