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EyePod Lens Master
We have just immensely improved the Contact Lens Function of the 8 Function pocket portable EyePOD™. Now in addition to the precise money saving precise and prolonged delivery of 1 Single eye Drop with no need to bend over backwards, the kit now includes an incredibly clever Combo EZ IN & EZ OUT "Touch & Go" functionality. Now you can put IN SOFT & Hard Contact Lenses and take them out OUT again consistently, comfortably, and faster than the blink of an eye!. It will save thousands of wasted hours and dollars, eliminate the aggravations of Contact Lenses, and Open the Door to the really easy wearing of Contacts. Unprecedented. And all done Finger/Germ-Free of course. We all know people who wear Contacts and up to now they all had to stick their germy fingers in their eyes! We took something extraordinarily difficult and made it Extraordinarily Easy. The full course dinner of delightful details can be seen on our Website.

"Smart Lens" needs EyePOD™

Google's recent announcement of their partnership with the European drug maker Novartis to develop a smart contact lens with the potential to monitor the wearer’s blood sugar levels., announced Tuesday, shows that Google is pretty serious when it comes to one 'medical device' technology: contact lenses.(prescription needed even for cosmic color lenses. When the news came out in January that Google planned to develop a contact lens that could help diabetics keep track of their blood glucose levels and other Health moniters. Company officials said they were looking for partners with expertise in bringing such products to market.

That seems to be exactly what Google has found in the gigantic Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company, Novartis and its Alcon eye care division, which has agreed to in-license Google’s “smart lens” technology for all ocular medical uses. Novartis' goal is to have a prototype ready for research and development reviews by early next year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

We at HotIdeasMagic, believe Google will have a significant impact on increasing Contact Lens wearing. With their money they can do things otherwise not feasible and they always have open access to the media to promote it. No matter how SMART they make the Contact lenses, (probably will be pretty amazing with endless health applications). ALL THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO BE ABLE TO PUT those LENSES IN & take them OUT. HANDS DOWN AND FINGER FREE, HOT*IDEAS HAS THE ONLY FAST AND EZ WAY TO DO THAT. Our final EP iteration is AMAZING - PURE AND SIMPLE. Got a second? We'll show you. Google getting in the game will bring great and continued exposure to wearing contact lenses; puts them on the table front and center before the public; and tacitly endorses wearing contacts. it is now obviously in their interest to do so. If no one wears contacts , or have awful difficulties in wearing them, what good would any Health and internet applications be! ALL Great for us with the 1-and-only Eye~POD, the "Great Facilitator" for contact lenses. A Smart Eye~POD for a Smart Lens!



Breakthrough Time-Treasure Eye INVENTION

Changes forever the way you see the future

The EyePOD™ Eye Care Kit is a new 8 in 1 Contact Lens Inserter/Remover & precision Single Eye Drop delivery device - and much more.

FloridaThe 8 Function EyePOD™ Eye Care Kit. just perfected by Hot Ideas Magic Inc., achieved the Holy Grail of low cost quick action Premium eye care for the mass consumer market. Saves Time, Saves Money, Saves Aggravation. It offers an amazing array of eye care applications never before available. It will forever profoundly improve the way millions of people worldwide use Contact Lenses, Eye Drops and basic eye care essentials. Precision engineered to employ Liquid Affinity Physics, it performs a menu of sophisticated user friendly functions with remarkable elegant simplicity. Even a child can use it. You can review it at EyePodMagic.com.

The user friendly EyePOD™ stops the hassles with Contact Lenses. Finally, it is fast & easy to Put-in & Remove Contacts in 1 Second Finger-Free! No need to stick dirty fingers nails your eyes ever again. L-o-n-g Fingernails just don't matter anymore! A Giant step forward in Lens Hygiene. A major Time Saver for Lens wearers. It's easy. One just looks into the EyePOD's Tunnel-of-Light™ to align the Contact Lens or Eye Drop with the Pupil of the Eye for quick, easy, safe precise placement on the Exact Center of the eye. Little skill is needed because the strong affinity of liquid-to-liquid pulls the Contact Lens or Eye Drop onto the eye. Like magnets brought close that snap together. Gives instant very Pleasurable Dry Eye Relief. It is the 1st ever device that can safely deliver 1 precise single eye drop to the Exact Center of the eye where it then radiates out 360o AND can be held in place to surface Saturate the eye, maximizing the effectiveness of each drop which saves you money. It also totally eliminates the old way of bending the head over backwards to put in eye-drops. A great relief to those who suffer arthritis, bad back/neck or balance, Bursitis, Vertigo, etc. Eliminates the costly waste of many drops running down your cheek to get the desired 1 drop in your eye. Great for a refreshing Liquid Eye Massage. It quickly Flushes particles out of the eye. The Safe Hygiene Feature is of paramount importance. A snap-on Cover makes it pocket/purse Portable.

The Inventor of the
EyePOD™ Kit made eye care History. He was inspired to create this product by his own awful scary episode with Bell's Palsy, caused by accidentally scratching his eye with his fingernail while putting contacts in the old fashioned way.

He created this sophisticated unique device to prevent such dire eye infections from happening to others. Over 200,000 people that wear contacts get infections in their eyes every year because of dirty fingers. No More! the Eye POD™
is Hygiene Heaven. Other helpful eye care functions were progressively added. He dedicated himself to giving away part of the profits from sales to various vision charities. The Doctor regularly donates his many creative Inventions to help those in need. His "Miles of Smiles" Project donates the EyePOD and other creations of his, like the "Magic Wishbones" to all the Shriners Children's trauma Hospitals and several other charities every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The EyePOD efficiency saves oodles of Time and Money by dramatically cutting Eye Drop and Contact Lens costs by eliminating the physical hassles, time wasted and lack of hygiene of the old fashioned ways. So efficient it makes 1 Bottle of eye liquids last as long as 6 or 7 bottles. At only $1295, it saves 60 to 80% on Eye Drops forever more. Remarkable. With millions of the elderly paying $50. to over $200. Dollars an ounce for Medicated drops, those 60-80% EyePOD savings become a vital necessity to them as well as to Medicare and Medicaid. Especially so, in these hard economic times.

Everyone at one time or another uses Eye Drops or needs to flush out foreign particles, refresh tired dry eyes, or just to "get the RED out". Resting gently on the eyelids, the eye shaped EyePOD™ gives a wonderful soothing Liquid Eye Massage to do all these things. That's certainly NOT possible poking eyes with a pointed eye drop bottle! EyePODs do all these things with low cost remarkable efficiency. A "feel-good" pleasure to use. People who try it quickly fall in love with it.

The EyePOD™ is a wonderful New Better & Safer way to manage Contact Lenses & Eye Drops. If you Treasure Time it's your Premium Eye Care Choice to provide multiple levels of eye care at low cost. Compelling reasons for every family to own them. Overall, the EyePOD™ Eye Care Kit is a significant advance in Eye Care with its people pleasing multi-functional design, its economic practicality, and attractive aesthetics. Good to Share this important info with friends and family.

Website:-EyePodMagic.com to see Video.
Hot Ideas Magic Inc. Dr. Chuck R. Courtenay Pres. 407 583 6789
For a Doctors Kit or Press Kit, with 2 Free Eye POD™ Kits, email CEO@HotideasWorld.com



Provide your readers with the latest and greatest up to date info in the regal realm of Contact Lenses. That would be the all new eye shaped EyePOD 8 Function Eye Care Kit. Something everyone with eyes should have to Enjoy and to Safeguard their sight. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses and the same is true to some degree when it comes to the male counterpart. Let's face it (excuse the pun) wearing Contact lenses is often quite challenging time wise and dexterity wise. The versatile EyePOD Kit is the first ever product to make All those many inherent aggravations go away. A marvel of engineering, it has a very unique Tunnel-of-Light feature that places Contact Lens & Eye Drops on the Exact Center of the eye, Finger-Free/Germ Free in 1 Certain second. No bending over and No mirrors needed. Quick-Safe-Easy & Pleasurable. Stops waste, continuously saves users $$ + Time. It simply provides 1 second easy & certain Finger-Free/Germ free Insertion & Removal of Contact Lenses. It is a huge long awaited advance that eliminates the waste of 10 minutes or so and often much more time wasted, along with the frustrations and risks of putting Contacts in and out. Makes Contacts 'child's play’ easy to manage. It eliminates finger borne costly eye infections from using dirty fingers to handle contact lenses. These eye infections are especially serious these days with all the antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses and fungus organisms. No Human Fickle Funky Finger can possibly compete with the EyePOD.

And it has an amazing 7 additional functions in addition to the unique Contact Lens feature. Not the least, it puts in one precise drop without the need to bend one's head over backwards. It instantly pleasurably refreshes Dry Eyes. Great for refreshing ‘Feel Good’ liquid Eye Massages. A Great First Aid Kit too. Never touches eye itself. Masterful. Offers the most efficient low cost versatile Eye Care health for ALL ages. You can’t afford not to use it. All these many great health benefits are cleverly built into one very inexpensive petite pocket/purse portable device. With 60% of the 7 Billion people in the world having chronic or occasional eye problems this is a big story. Lots and Lots of Celebrities wear Contact Lenses and use eye Drops for one reason or another. Ergo, the EyePOD invention has solid interplay practicalities with Celebrities.

INSTANT DEXTERITY with ABSOLUTE placement CERTAINTY is a mighty good thing to have. You can provide all this valuable information to your readers who want to expand the parameters of their life and know about new choices available to them. They can Enjoy better eye health for a Lifetime. Users Love it and say it is a ‘godsend’. Your format will help inform your audience about these new developments to enhance their everyday life. Who doesn't know someone who wears Contact lenses or have had eye issues. The EyePODKit is a sight for sore eyes. Soon the Eyes of the World will be upon it!

Lots and lots of Celebrities wear Contact Lenses and use eye Drops for one reason or another. President Obama, wife Michelle and VP Biden reportedly use the EyePOD - but can't officially endorse it of course. Ergo, the EyePOD™ invention has solid interplay practicalities with Celebrities.

See for yourself the commodious details on our Website EYEPODMagic.com. You will be glad you did since Everybody should know about it.

HOT IDEAS offers ‘The Perfect Package of Price & Performance’.

My contact # is 407. 583 6789 after 1 pm EST or evenings or weekends or email me at CEO@HOTIdeasWorld.com for any further information you may desire.
Thanks, Dr. Chuck
The Inventor and CEO of Hot Ideas Magic Inc.

For a Doctors Kit or a Press Kit, including 2 Free-Samples of the EyePOD Eye-Care Kit, email request to: CEO@HotideasWorld.com


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