YouTube's You MUST WATCH

Federal Spending in Chart Form
America's Dilema in a Nutshell
The Muslim Brotherhood in America - A 10 part course
History of the Federal Reserve - 3.5hrs
America's Greatest Problem
New Real Estate Leveraged Security - Like Buying a House or Shorting a Purchase
Steve Forbes on Executive Compensation
Bridge-Loans to Ford/GM/Chrysler
Science & Health
Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate (Science vs Creationist) Origins of Life
SciShow-Discusses the Scientific Method
SciShow-Discusses Gluten
This Week at NASA-Curiosity has Landed
Ride on a U2 Spy Plane
Hubble Deep Space Animation
Orion Deep Space Animation
D-Drive - Revolutionary Transmission Design
Charlie Rose interviews Steven Hawkins]
Steven Hawkins-Big Questions about Universe
The God of Science
How it feels to have a Stroke
Theory of Evolution in 2 Minutes
Creationists' Q stumps Atheist
Earth is 6,000 Years Old - Pendleton
Apollo 11 40th Anniversary - Enhanced Video
Heart Attack Grill - Awesome
Advances in Regenerative Medicine
What are Radiation Belts
Phoenix Makes Successful Mars Landing
Popcorn from Cell Phones
Who Exactly is Organizing the Protests?
A stunning (and frightening) history lesson
Obama Banned this Video
Navy SEALS Start Swift-Boating Obama
Paul Harvey - If I Were The Devil
Finally - a pastor speaks out
This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetch in 1948
Exposing Occupy Wall Street
Dissecting O's 2011 State of the Union Address
Marxism in America"
Stimulus and Healthcare Bill issues in 6 minutes
3 things you MUST understand about ISLAM
The First Amendment in Five Minutes
WE The People
Steve Wynn Takes on Washington
Motorcyclist Faces Prison for Recording Out of Control Cop with Obvious Helmet Cam
Smiling while Cursing us in their Hearts
Pat Condell ably articulates everything that's wrong about the mosque at Ground Zero
Maybe there is some hope out there!
Obama - Self-Admiditly Muslem
Mike Huckabee's Debate Response
Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself... Lieberman on Health Care
Gratitude Gesture - Learn It, Use It
Elections in Iran - Fraudulent
Rand Paul - Read the Bill
Obamaman Song
Press 1 For English
Rick Santelli and the "Rant of the Year"
44 US Presidents - Washington to Obama
Obama Wants Social Security Beni's for Illegals
October Suprise!?
Alaska Pipeline requires 74 miles of new pipeline!
Is it just Radical Muslims or Violence Driven by World Domination Goal?
ATLAH Worldwide Ministries
Just Amazing
Amazing Bike Riding
Power of Words
Britain's Got Talent - You won't believe it possible!!
Swan Lake like you've never seen it Performed - Fabulous
When You're Holding a Hammer - Everything Looks Like a Nail
Laughter is Best
Kings Firecrackers - Fantastic - US Naval Academy 2010 Halftime Persormance
Three Tenors [14, 15 & 15 years old] - Fabulous
Amazing airline advertisement at Manchester airport- and they are not gonna tell us how it was done!
330 sq.ft of LIVING space
Newly Discovered Mozart Works
Never before seen footage of 911...
Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag
Fun At Grand Central Station
China Earthquake Rescue Work
One Wheeled Motorcycle!
Simon Finally Found the Winner
Stonehedge Solved at Last ... move anything

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