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Nikki Reports September 25, 2009                                                                    

Daughter Zhaira's 12th BIRTHDAY PARTY

Hello readers this is Elvi Alforque, James girlfriend since Sept 6th 2008 and planning to get married soon he gets home here. Just want to share to u the moments of the especial days we (my family) celebrated while James is in America.

It was on the 30th of August 2009 when we celebrated the 12th birthday of my lovely, cute daughter Zhaira, her birthday is on the 27th but since it was school day here in Philippines we decided to do it Saturday the 30th.

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So here we start ... as the curiosity of the island that Enting, our fish cage caretaker described to us and called it Secret Island. We wanted to hold the celebration there and at the same time discovering the island just located a few meters from our fish cage site. Reasonably the distance and the trees we saw made us curious. It was at 2pm here after we get through [our workday] in the eatery, leave the home and start the party... our pump-boat carried the first batch (Sheila-my cuz, bong2-close neighbor, akai-cuz, bimbo-cuz) and the stuffs with foods in it. Unfortunately, since the driver Dodong. Enting's bro in law was not familiar of the way he hit the boat PROPELLER in a stone since the way is very shallow ... successfully dropped the first batch and paddled the boat goin back to us. We waited so long trying to fix the boat and keep going on to the island then a neighbor's pump-boat came and help us to carry the second batch (mama, keannu, zhaira, payat-my bro, eloi-wife, julian-niece, manny-my bro in law & bobeth).

I stayed with dodong to fix the boat, we tried but when we started the boat it wont move hahahaha. So I decided to call a mechanic and fix the problem it was about passed 4pm when we perfectly fix the boat, went to the warehouse to get feeds for tomorrow's food for the fishes and back to the hut and keep the sacks of feeds. It start getting dark and people in the island were calling us to take them home. We hurridly run the boat there with care not to get the boat broken again, We also asked someone to drove my uncle's boat to take them at once since it was already dark. Everybody was very scared coz no one there except them. The surroundings were very dark and scarey. When we're heading to the small rocky dockyard where our motorcycles parked, our boat where I was onboard too almost lost the dockyard. Then until we finally found the right place.. carry all the things to a tricycle and went home.