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Hog Pen Project

August 10, 2010
Siganid Harvest

August 9, 2010
70th Birthday Party

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Chicken Coop

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Milkfish Harvest

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In Memory of James

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Spider on a Stick

February 13, 2010
2nd Danggit harvest

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Arrive Manila

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Feast of Sto.Nino

January 8, 2010
Okeechobee Gourd

December 23,2009
Merry Christmas

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First Full Harvest of Fish

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First Harvest Cleaner Fish

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Birthday Party

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Construction Completed

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Fish Pen Construction

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Living in the Philippines

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First Impressions

Story of Stormy
Stormy the Manatee

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James Reports January 8, 2010                                                                      

The Okeechobee Gourd

The Okeechobee Gourd - Click to see this very rare plant in flower

In late 2002 or 2003 I became involved with Wildlife Trust -- first as a volunteer then as a part time employee then finally full time. My job consisted of tracking sick and injured manatees around the state of Florida. My work carried me from Jacksonville (NE Fla) to Crystal River just below the Suwanee River on the west coast of Fla. south to the Everglades back to Key Largo in the northern Keys and back up the east coast to Jacksonville. Most of my 60 plus hours each week was spent on the water. During this time I had the oportunity to see one of the most endangered species of plants on earth--The Okeechobee Gourd. I have seen the plants thrive then almost disappear again. The gourd was declared extinct in the late 1800's and re-discovered in the 1940's -- Today there are a few plants on the south shore of Lake Okeechobee and also a few along the upper reaches of The St. John River. I am one of the few people that knows where to find the gourd growing wild along the banks of the river. I have seen them go to a high of about 22 plants to a low of only 7 plants. The cold weather this winter is likely to reduce the numbers again. The picture is an almost full grown gourd. Be sure to view this beautiful plant in flower.